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corporations and llcs


Planning to start a business?  Or do you need an LLC to safely hold your rental property?  I can help!  

Although I tailor solutions to the unique needs of each client, there are some key areas of concern common to many of the clients I have served.  These include optimizing for taxes, developing capital structure, and issues regarding operation and control of the business itself.  I will work closely with you to identify all of the issues and potential problems, understand how all the moving parts work and arrive at a solution that will achieve your goals.  

Starting a business requires thorough and effective planning in order to protect the personal and financial interests of those involved and to plan for potential disputes that may arise down the road.  I can counsel you on potential issues and answer any questions that you may have. 

LLCs have become the most popular type of business entity due to the tax ramifications and the financial advantages it can have.  This type of business entity combines the best aspects of a corporate business with other forms of business entities.  The LLC is a popular business form today, and it appeals to several entrepreneurs; however, it may not be the best option for all situations.  Like a corporation, an LLC provides limited liability to its owners. It means the owners of an LLC aren’t responsible for the liabilities and debts that the LLC incurs – even if the LLC becomes insolvent and owes more than it’s worth.  For this reason, new business owners will have some measure of security and safety.  Moreover, unlike corporations, LLCs tend to be easier to establish since they require fewer formalities. I can answer your questions about these advantages, as well as the differences between LLCs and other formations.

However, an LLC may not suit all situations. The tax implications of an LLC may be disadvantageous.  Furthermore, whereas corporations have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, the roles and responsibilities in an LLC may be more unclear.  I can help you determine the optimal form of business entity for your particular needs.  Subchapter C corporation, LLC, partnership, C corporations, limited partnership and PLLC are some of the many options in addition to non-profit (501C-3) and other non-profit options.  While there are plenty of sources on the Internet, only by talking with an experienced lawyer can you truly understand how these issues relate to your goals and business interests.

Your business may well be your largest asset, and as such, it will be a major part of your estate. Preserving the health of your business and its assets is essential to your well being and that of your family and employees.  In addition, I assist clients with business succession planning – ensuring that your heirs and family will receive your business and personal assets according to your wishes.  I work with experienced CPAs to discuss tax issues and other issues that may impact your business and its financial health and to plan strategies to reduce or eliminate estate taxes when distributing both business and personal assets to your heirs.  

I typically offer a flat fee rate for establishment of a new corporation or LLC, which includes the needed documents such as Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Articles of Incorporation and the like.  

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