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estate planning


The time to plan for your family is now.  I can help you plan and leave a legacy for your family. Security and peace of mind are perhaps the greatest gifts you can offer your family during your lifetime.


Every adult should have documents in place which will distribute their real and personal property to their desired beneficiaries upon their death.  I provide clients with an Estate Planning Questionnaire which they can fill out by hand or conveniently online.  The information clients provide on this questionnaire enables me to see the overall picture of their estate planning assets, including real and personal property, bank and investment accounts, pension and retirement accounts, life insurance, business interests, long term care insurance and other assets.  I understand the importance of a comprehensive estate plan customized to meet your needs and those of your family.

During the estate planning process I assist clients in identifying how assets are titled, the value of each, and which assets are subject to probate upon death in contrast to assets that may not need to be probated.


You will be advised on estate planning options including:


   ·  Revocable Living Trust which works in conjunction with a Pour Over Will

  · Testamentary Trust Will

  · Simple Will

  · Special Needs Trust for a disabled person

If you have minor children, you will be advised on how to nominate guardians and conservators for them.


You will be advised on the nature and usefulness of various powers of attorney and a living will:


Your estate plan will nominate a Personal Representative and/or a Successor Trustee to handle the distribution and closing of your estate after your death.

Your desired plan of distribution for your assets is carefully worded to ensure that your assets are distributed exactly as you wish.  What happens if any of your beneficiaries predeceases you?  What happens if your spouse and all lineal descendants predecease you?  What if you wish to leave your entire estate to charity?  What if you wish to exclude a child?  What if you wish to leave a particular piece of jewelry to a specific person?  I handle these and many other concerns competently with the utmost confidentiality.


I take the time to listen carefully to you so that I can evaluate your unique situation and help you make informed choices. I respect the value of your time and work hard to address your concerns efficiently, no matter how complex they may be.  With my help, you can ensure that your assets will be protected and your directions are understood and carried out correctly.  Having a customized plan can provide you with peace of mind about how your affairs will be settled when the time comes.

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