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family law

When facing a divorce or family law matter, it can feel like your whole life is hanging in the balance.  Paternity cases and divorce, with the division of property, are some of the most painful, complicated legal matters you will ever have to deal with.  When these matters involve minor children, the complexity and potential for conflict can be even greater.  I am committed to helping my clients achieve their objectives, and I have the experience and skill to help them navigate through the emotionally taxing and intellectually complex issues that can arise in a divorce or paternity case.


Going through a divorce or another family dispute is a time often filled with uncertainty. Important decisions have to be made under stressful conditions. But, you do not have to face it alone.  I am with you through each step of your case, and I focus on the issues that matter most: your rights, your future and your family.


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From complex litigation to negotiated agreements, I work tirelessly to get the best results for my clients. Click below for more information on the wide range of family law matters I handle:



High net worth divorce

Parenting time (previously called visitation)

Legal decision-making (previously called custody)

Child support

Spousal maintenance (previously called alimony)

Post-decree modifications

Paternity cases

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Annulments and legal separations

And other critical family law matters

I excel at handling cases involving complex property division, financial strategies and cases that impact the welfare of children, including disputes over parenting time, legal decision-making and parentage.


If you need a compassionate but tenacious family law attorney to help you build an enduring and favorable future, I am here to make the journey with you.

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